When jellyfish strand on beaches, it can be incredibly tempting for dogs to to go and investigate them.


Any contact with our big stingers - Lion's Mane jellyfish and Portuguese Man o' War - can be dangerous to dogs even if the jellies look dead or have been beached for some time.


If your dog does get stung, thoroughly rinse the area
with sea water and remove any tentacles and barbs
as soon as you can. Get advice from a vet.


If you have any concerns, and especially if your dog
seems ill, please take him or her straight a vet.


Anecdotally, I have known dogs play with and eat jellyfish such as Moon Jellyfish, with no ill effects. But I have also known dogs to vomit copiously after eating them - whether this is down to stings, to the quantitiy of jellies consumed or the salty water that came with them is not always clear.


If your dog does become ill in this way, best to get a vet to check them out.