Shell identification



Who can resist a strandline full of shells? Well, I certainly can't, that's for sure. They are the most fantastic things to find, especially when they are whole and unbroken - exotic shapes, striking colours, and an amazing history.


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To ID your shell, first pick which type it is
-  based on the shape of the shell.


 TYPE 1 

Shells with a whorl


Shells based on a spiral shape. They can be round, long, pointed or snub but still have that distinctive whorl. 


 TYPE 2 
A shell made of two halves









Shells made of two halves are known as bi-valves. They tend to be flatter and with fewer features than those with a whorl. We often, of course, only find one half.



 TYPE 3 

Everything else


And this category is every other shape of shell. They are not two halves and they do not have a spiral but anything else goes.



When the snails die, their shells can be washed up onto the beach giving us a great look at their beautiful shapes and colours. if shells are not picked up by avid beach combers, these shells are broken down over time becoming part of the sand.