About Budding Time!


These cotton bid sticks get into our sewerage system because people flush them down the loo. They can then get through our water treatment processes and eventually, sadly, they end up on our beaches, Beach cleaners report find them in their hundreds.


They are made of plastic so, although they lose their buds, the sticks will stick around for generations.


The good news is that a number of large supermarkets have pledged to get rid of these plastic horrors. Asda, Tesco, Aldi and Sainburys are four of the retail giants who say that they will only be selling the paper versions by the end of 2017. Brilliant news!





The story is covered in more detail on the Bristol Post website.


And the Plymouth Herald website

This might also be a good moment to mention the campaigns being run by various of our water companies at the moment to make us think about what we flush down our toilets.


The message is clear - putting anything other than pee, poo or paper down the toilet means blockages in the sewerage system which costs money. And what you flush, like the cotton buds, could end up on a beach somewhere for some child to play with. 

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