A collection of vintage plastics
with some glass, pottery and fossil exhibits


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Vintage Plastics
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under development





Have you found something old on the beach?


Or something that might be old but you aren't sure?


Add it to the BeachStuff Museum!

A free-to-use online archive.


It is easy to do (and completely free of course!) but means your find will be a part of our growing archive of washed up social history.


Take a photo of your find (or more than one if you want) and email it, telling us when and where you found it, and what name we can use on the website as the finder (you can use your whole name, you can be anonymous or maybe just give your first name).


If you have any information about it that you would like to share, please do or you can let us do any resesarch needed.


Email the photo to hello@beachstuff.uk


or join our facebook page and message us through that.


1957 Sugar puffs racing car