About this website


I am very fortunate to live on the coast and I am able to visit the beach almost daily. 


My aim in making this website was simply to share the hundreds of photographs I have taken over the years of wildlife and other things of interest I have seen over the years. This is very much a personal collection - focusing on my own interests - and is based almost exclusively on Devon beaches - primarily North Devon.



Get involved!

It would be great if you would also share your photographs so that this is an ever-changing, ever-growing permanent collection of photographs and information about what we find on our beaches. 


Through this sharing, my hope is that the website helps in two ways - firstly encouraging an appreciation of the incredible wildlife that ends up (or lives on) our strandlines. The second is that I hope that honest discussion about the rubbish that washes up helps us all to understand where it all comes from. 


Please send your photos, thoughts, beach-cleaning events, corrections (!) to hello@beachstuff.uk


It would be lovely to hear from you.


About me

I studied plant ecology and biogeomorphology at the University of Oxford and have recently spent time working as a National Trust Beach Ranger. My love of the beach came from my father who studied marine biology and ensured we spent as much time as possible exploring rockpools.


If you are visiting North Devon and would like a guided strandline walk or rockpool safari, please give me a call on 01271 863049 or email hello@beachstuff.uk






This website is dedicated to


Kev Whelan
1964 - 2016

He would have loved to walk 
on the beach one more time.