It is amazing how many clues a simple little Smarties lid can hold to its history.


Just answer a few simple questions to find out how old your Smarties lid is.


Does it have ROWNTREE written on it?





Does it have a capital letter?







Is it bigger than other Smarties lids?







Does it have smarties written on it?





Does it have a lower case letter on it?






a slightly larger lid

This is an old one! Rowntree went metric shortly after 1965 and, as a result, the lids got a little smaller.








c1965 - c1975
ROWNTREE + upper case letter


A lid issued before the mid-1970s. Rowntree put capital letters on the lids until around 1975.











ROWNTREE + lower case letter


Your lid was made after the mid-1970s
but before 1988 as that is the year 
Smarties were taken on by Nestle.














smarties + lower case letter

This was made between 1988 and 2005 when Smarties switched to tubes with cardboard lids.















smarties + a word

In 2000, football related smarties were issued by Nestle.










One side blank


A blank lid is not a UK Smarties lid. It is from overseas or a brand mimicking Smarties. Chances are that is modern though.